OLD KOREA 1890~1903

Photo by HERERT G. PONTING, 1903

- Korean Girls Testing a New "Short Drop" Parachute Design

- Smokin', Gamblin', and Gossiping

- High Class Family

- The Short-Cut Home, or,
a Korean SPIDERMAN Does His Thing. SEOUL

- Kids on the City Wall, SEOUL

- A Crowed Scene on a Side Street, PYONGYANG

- A Rustic Road Near SEOUL

- The Bean Grinder, SEOUL

- A "Greasy Spoon" Restaurant in SEOUL

- The Chicken Seller, SEOUL

- Charcoal Carriers, SEOUL

- Junks Along the Han River at YUNG SAN,
a Logging Town Near SEOUL

- Two Kinds of Loads on the Streets of SEOUL

- Public School With a Holding Cell Under the Floor
Reserved For Wild Kids, SEOUL -

Wonder what the little girl behind bars
did to get thrown in the klink?
Obviously, the pipe-smoking old teacher-
sage doesn't take any crap from his young pupils.

- Tiger Hunters in the Hills Outside of SEOUL

- Shoeing a Horse at the Blacksmith's Home, SEOUL -

In the past,
these guys were evidently kicked clear into their neighbors yard
by a horse that didn't care to get shoes nailed into its hoofs....
and there is NO WAY they will let THAT ever happen again !

- Japanese Make Sure the Koreans Know Who's in Charge !

This is Korea ca.1897-1900.
Commenter idea0853 believes it is actually September 6th, 1897.
See his comment far down below.
As a stereoview,
the first record I can find of its being published is in 1901.

The image is tragically symbolic.
A crowd of Koreans stand under the shadow of the Japanese
"Rising Sun" flag,
while their own Korean National Flag is relegated to the size
of a bath towel.

Although Korea has not yet been formally annexed to Japan,
a series of subjugating treaties backed by military force
had allowed the Japanese to "call the shots" and "run the show",
basically doing whatever they wanted with Korea and the Koreans.

I have never seen such a graphic image demonstrating the lack
of respect Japan had for any of its neighbors in the Century
leading up to WW2 -- well,
except for a pile of photographs I have that show the Japanese
Military abusing the Chinese, which a National Magazine in Tokyo
told me they could never publish in Japan.
"It is not good for Japanese Morale and the Nation of Japan
to know what happened in the past", I was told.

Of course, they did not have to tell me that,
as I was already familiar with the so-called "History Books"
approved by the Ministry of Education during my over three
decades of living there. Of course,
some of the History Books published in America for their
schools are in the pits as well.
No doubt every nation (to either a LARGE or small degree)
lives in some amount of corporate, official denial about not
only the present, but especially the past.

- Human "Dirt Pounders"
Harden the Foundation for a New Post Office. SEOUL, 1903

Officials of the Imperial Department of Communications. SEOUL, 1903

- Four Peace-
Loving Korean Gentlemen at the Temple of the God of War. SEOUL

- Heathen, Idol-Worshipping, Blinded-by-the-Devil,
Superstitious Koreans
(According to the Christian Missionaries,that is). Near SEOUL

- Two Happy Guys Winnowing Barly in the Streets of CHEMULPO

Photo by UNKNOWN Photographer

High Class Women and their Coach Bearers Photo
by UNKNOWN Photographer, ca.1899-1900.

Comment #6 below from Korean visitor 윤곡 states
that these are not "High Class Women"
as the title above describes them.
Instead, the commenter is sure they are really Korean "Giseang"
기생 : 妓女, 妓 ---
similar to a Japanese Geisha. Please read the comment in full below,
where exception is also taken to a claim made by another commenter.
Things suddenly get interesting... !

The Hay Carrier. Photo by UNKNOWN Photographer, ca.1899-1900.

- Education Awakens the 'Hermit Kingdom" -
A School for Boys in SEOUL, 1903

- A Happy Couple Visiting Relatives in SEOUL, 1903

- Korean MINISTER OF WAR, His Son, and Grand Children.
SEOUL, 190

- General Prince "MIN YUN HUAN",

Commander in Chief of the Korean Army. SEOUL, 190

- A Wedding Party (1), SEOUL

- The Wedding party (2),
SEOUL Photo by UNKNOWN photographer, ca.1899-1900.

- Pottery Packing Mountain Men, Near SEOUL

- First Class Transportation, SEOUL.
Photo by UNKNOWN photographer, ca.1899-1900.
They are standing on a railroad or trolly track.

- Limousine Service in the Snow for a High Class Little Girl,

- Happy Kids With Grandma and the Water Boy, SEOUL.
Photo by UNKNOWN photographer, ca.1899-1900

- Chowing Down at an Old "Greasy Spoon"
Where the Food Tastes Great. SEOUL
Photo by UNKNOWN photographer, ca.1899-1900.

- High Class Dandys on a Nature Hike.
Near SEOUL Photo by UNKNOWN photographer, ca.1899-1900.

- The Royal Tombs Photo by UNKNOWN photographer, ca.1899-1900.

- Sticks, Mud, Rock, and Rope. Building a Home in SEOUL